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Picks by Kevin Rose, Leo Laporte, Tim Ferriss, Andy Ihnatko, Rene Ritchie

Here are your Picks of the Week for Friday, October 2, 2015


Tim Ferriss recommends Overcast for iOS. He says, “I’ve been playing with it quite a bit for listening to podcasts. It’s very sleek in its UI. My favorite feature is Smart Speed, which reduces or eliminates pauses in between sentences or words in a way that doesn’t affect your listening experience but can save you hours. Pay the extra 4 bucks and get the features.”

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Leo Laporte from TWiT.tv picks the Misfit Shine activity and sleep monitor. He says, “I am wearing, as well as an Apple Watch, the Misfit. It’s well designed, you can wear it in a rubber band or, it comes with a magnetic clip, so you can take if off and you can put it into a pocket. It auto senses sleep and starts recording. You don’t have to charge it, the internal battery will last for a year. It syncs using Bluetooth with iPhone and has a nice app to show you your sleep and activity.”

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Speaking of sleep trackers, Andy Ihnatko from the Chicago Sun Times picks Sleep++. It’s a really cool Apple Watch app made by the same guy that makes Pedometer++. It is a sleep tracker that works as a native Apple Watch app. It will run in airplane mode so it doesn’t kill the battery and it will watch you while you sleep to tell you how many times you woke up, how much real seep you got and then feed it into the Health app. Andy says “I had no idea how poorly I was sleeping until the first time I wore a fitness band.”

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Mmmmmmm, someone get this for me NOW (please). Kevin Rose, CEO of HODINKEE, says “it’s great, it’s a great beef jerky replacement.”

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Rene Ritchie of iMore.com picks Just Press Record for iPhone ($4.99). You can download JPR, load it onto your iPhone and Apple Watch and just press a button and it creates an audio file for you that you can send via iMessage or Mail. He says, “It’s great if you’re in the car and want to dictate something or make a note to yourself. It’s super convenient, it’s simple and works the way it’s advertised.”

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