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3x Success And Peter Rojas Is A BAMF


Well, first I wanted to be an astronomer

If you don’t know who Peter Rojas is, get off this site. Seriously, click the little X and don’t come back. This is the guy behind Engadget, Gizmodo, GDGT and now EIR at BetaWorks. He’s a freaking tech rockstar and also one helluva nice guy.

How about that time Peter and Om Malik almost got together on a startup?

Slashdot open sourced their code, their CMS at one point. It was only one other site of note that used it, the site called Plastic, which was some ex-dotcom guys. So, we were going to take the Slashdot code and we’re going to create a new tech site, like a tech lifestyle site called Taza. We had this whole plan. I think we bought he domain. Then I ended up moving to New York. It didn’t work out. I was getting coffee with Om a couple weeks ago and we were joking that 15 years later, maybe it’s time to bring that back

Want more? Check out his awesome interview with Andrew Warner. How about a key tool he used to help build up Engadget, Gizmodo and GDGT.


 we also had a tool called Backlogger where we would take links that we found, whether they came in as a tip from a reader–we got lots of great stuff from tips from readers or from an RSS feed or from wherever. Then we would put it into a system where we would figure out who was going to write about it or not.

But what’s Peter focused on now? As an investor?

 That’s why right now I’m focused on virtual reality, augmented reality and looking at AI, chat bots, conversational interfaces, stuff like that. So, for me, I would be checking those things out and trying to understand them no matter what.

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