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Former VC, now CEO, Marc Gingras Shares His Favorite Book

Marc Gingras CEO FokoMarc Gingras, CEO, Foko

Marc Gingras’ Favorite Books:

My bible, in terms of a book that is my go to that I go back to every year and I re-read it, so it’s not recent, it’s not new content per se, but i think it’s one that remains relevant is the book Good To Great by Jim Collins. I think there’s some really valuable principles or leanings in there about what it is to be a leader, how it is to focus on core stuff, the hedgehog concert. And it’s always good to remind yourself. My recommendation of a book, for me, has always been Good to Great.


Good To Great

By Jim Collins


Personal Mottos:

“One thing that for me I try to remind myself of is the motto ‘think clearly’. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in to believing or drinking your own cool aid or believing your thoughts are the ones that are right but it’s the ability to think clearly and you know get rid of all the crap and the noise around people’s opinions and get to the core essence. Some people call it first principles I call it “think clearly” so there’s a lot of different ways to interpret it.

To me that’s the fundamental thing about making the right decision. An entrepreneur, we make decisions based on the best information we can have at the time but that information can grow really quickly, and so assumptions that we made can be proven disvalid very quickly. So how do you not get emotionally attached to some of the decisions and agree that you will make mistakes but then can rectify those mistakes really quickly by thinking clearly and saying hey it was the best decision i made at the time but with the information that I’ve got here’s what I think the best decision is moving forward and not be attached by the past so for me my motto is to ‘think clearly.'”

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