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Foundr Magazine’s Nathan Chan Shares This Tip On Following Up

Nathan Chan, from the amazing Foundr Magazine podcast, had a great interview with Scott Jordan, where they discuss “The Secret to Getting Ridiculous Amounts of Press for Your Business.

Scott Jordan is founder of “SCOTTeVEST“, a travel clothier that specializes in multi-pocket clothing for your tech gear. Scott revealed in the interview that his company is now doing more than 8 figures in revenue (>$10,000,000).

In the interview, Scott says “If it was worth starting it was worth finishing” and speaks to the importance of following up on emails.If it was worth starting it was worth finishing

“Open the door and I’m gonna come on through. I’m gonna keep knocking until I get what I want.” That’s great advice. Many entrepreneurs, as it turns out, are hesitant to be persistent and continue following up, lest they upset the person they are wanting to communicate with them.

As part of this discussion, Nathan reveals a tool that he uses to make sure he follows up with people he wants to get in touch with. In this particular case, he is outlining his attempts to have Elon Musk as a podcast interview.

“There’s actually a tool for everybody, if you use Gmail, that’s very very powerful, that I use for followup, too. For example, I’m trying to get Elon Musk on the magazine, so I found his head of PR at Tesla and there’s this tool, which is a Gmail plugin called “Rebump” and what you can do is before you send the email you press ‘tick’ on the Rebump plugin and if you do not get a reply you can set automated emails to go out as followups and you can template these emails, which is really really cool. So you don’t even have to set a date aside or put a date in your calendar. You just tick that button, have it all set up with the templates and you can do as many followups as you want all on automation.”

Scott Jordan also has a tool that he uses for follow up that’s similar.

“I use a similar tool it’s called Active Inbox.” he says “It’s very inexpensive and it enables you, using labels, to set reminders and every day there’s 50 emails, no less than 50 emails, are set for tomorrow that are reminding me.” He finishes with this advice, “I cannot emphasize enough, if each one of your listeners would imply a proper follow up program their gonna do so much better in life and in business.”

SEPT 9, 10, 11, 2016