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Picks by Adam Lisagor, Jeff Atwood, Christopher Mims, Neil Blumenthal, John Gruber

Here are your Picks of the Week for Friday, November 20, 2015


Jeff Atwood, co-founder Stack Overflow and Discourse, says “Wow this is surprisingly tough. I’m going to stretch the boundaries of this and say this parody video is one of my favorite things in a long time . The buzzfeedification of the world is kind of fascinating to me, when we get so good at isolating what causes people to click on stuff with endless, real time, worldwide aggressive A/B testing. What’s the end result of that? It’s like darwinism of attention, far beyond what old media could do with advertising.”

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Christopher Mims, Tech columnist at WSJ says, “Pretty in love with this thing, but it’s really only for people who are into Chrome OS already.”



Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa, co-founders and CEOs of Warby Parker, tell us their pick, “best thing we’ve come across in the last 30 days – Different by Youngme Moon – great book on millennial consumer behavior and trouble that big companies can find themselves in (namely that over time, they lose their differentiation).

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John GruberDaringFireball.net, says, “I played a game last night and its the longest I’ve played a video game in I think over a year … it’s this game called Pako … I got way more than $4 of enjoyment out of it.”

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Adam Lisagor, of the amazing Sandwich Video, says, “I like AirVideo. It’s this really cool app where if you have media on a server at home, it jut basically is a great seamless and fluid way of streaming media to your device. I have ea mac mini in the closet where my airport router and everything is and it’s got movies and stuff that i don’t want to keep on a laptop and so you can browse to watch it through iTunes but that’s a pretty terrible experience. AirVideo makes it not a terrible experience.”

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