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The One Tool Able’s Evan Baehr Uses To Manage Relationships


Evan Baehr is building a wicked company called Able. What the heck do they do? Well, they’re committed to helping grow the “fortune five million” with what they call “collaborative, low-interest loans.” That’s a nice way of saying they’ve got a vision on how to fund companies. Right now, Evan says, they’re approaching $10 million in loans — unreal!

He also wrote a kick ass book on raising funds called “Get Backed.” Check that, I should say, it’s THE kick ass book on raising funds.


Get Backed is the real deal … this is what David Cohen, founder and managing director of TechStars has to say about it,

david cohen

David Cohen


“This book delivers completely new and refreshing ideas on how to raise money and build genuine relationships with investors.”

So what are the top tools that Evan’s using to build Able? He let out great secrets in his recent Mixergy interview with Andrew Warner:

So, I like paper. I have an iPad Pro with the pencil. But I also have for live event stuff, I like a Rhodia. This is a nice one because it’s actually reversible. So, it sort of angles like this. It’s grid paper and it’s a cool color. And then my designer introduced me to this a few years ago. It’s a Sharpie pen, really fine point.

This is how Evan uses Contactually, “The relationship-based CRM to build authentic connections and grow your business”, to grow his network and form strong connections with people he meets,

Okay. So, first of all, the tool that I use, I personally use Contactually, which is a consumer-oriented CRM and they have a few interesting features that help me organize my database of people. So, let me just walk through a few, a use case of like I meet someone and I need to get them in there and then I want to do something around that person.

Okay, here’s a practical example. I met a guy today. He’s a Navy SEAL and he’s starting a gym. I have a long chat with him. So, I come out of that meeting. I had emailed him already. So, I already had his email in the CRM because it collects it automatically. I went and I added some notes on our meeting, what we talked about.

Evan uses “buckets” on contactually to make sure he stays connected with different groups of people at time intervals that he sets up,

An interesting thing about Contactually is the tagging system they use, they have this thing called buckets. So, for example, a project I’m newly involved in is a veteran entrepreneur project, which is how do we help more vets start more companies. So, I put him in that bucket. On that bucket, I say, “I’d like to be in touch with these people about every 60 days.”

There’s some real useful tips in this interview and I highly recommend you check out the entire thing.

There’s more too. Evan talks about Able and what they’re trying to build and points to this book as part of the motivation,

So, we still believe in the power of networks. There’s a book called “The Wealth of Networks” by Yochai Benkler. He’s an economist at Harvard who did sort of the definitive treatise on how networks work to produce outcomes. We are basically trying to take the theory of that book and then productize it in the form of a loan. We think this is a multi-trillion dollar market.

The Wealth of Networks

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