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Union Square Venture’s GM Brittany Gorevic Shares Her App and Book Picks

Brittany Gorevic

“You can always go get a job”

Brittany Gorevic had an amazing interview on one of our favorite podcasts, HackToStart. She went in depth on her favourite apps, books and her personal motto. Check out the entire interview for more!


That’s such a tough question, especially being in VC, I feel like there’s constantly new apps and I always download, so I probably have more apps than the average person, it’s like hundreds of apps that are constantly filling up my phone and then only months later I realize I’ve never opened them or they weren’t useful.

The one I think is really cool is called MikMak, and it’s actually a company founded out of Brooklyn in New York and what it does is it sells products but it uses short videos, like almost comedic videos, like something you’d see on Vine, to sell those products. There’s something really addictive and interesting about watching these little, sort of funny videos. It’s like the next QVC.


MikMak - "It's like the next QVC"

MikMak – “It’s like the next QVC”

NYTimes Crossword

NYTimes Crossword


The second app that I’ve become addicted to is the NYTimes Crossword puzzle app. It’s so silly but I love games on phones and I try and find games that maybe make me feel that I’m not just getting stupid. They have a mini puzzle that you can do every day on the crossword, so that one’s pretty boring but if you haven’t tried it out yet it can be pretty addicting over time.

Folt for iPhone

Folt for iPhone

I also love Folt and TwoDots. Those two. If you see me on the Subway I’m probably playing one of those two games, if not the crossword puzzle.

Two Dots for iPhone

Two Dots for iPhone

Content, Books, Video of Podcasts:

I am a big fan of podcasts. I think Rod Mic is another one that I really enjoyed. Kelly is always talking it different innovators in the tech community talking about how they started their companies, investing, and she focuses on women especially, so I think that’s great.

Brittany also listen’s to:

Planet Money

Planet Money by NPR

Planet Money

The most recent audiobook Brittany has listened to is the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

It’s an old book but there’s so many great components of that I think still resonate today.

I’m addicted to using Nuzzle, which is an app that basically takes your twitter feed, surfaces the most popular content out of there and then you can read articles based on that.

Personal Motto:

I think some of the advice that has helped me as an entrepreneur is,

“You can always go get a job”.

It’s been a great boost of confidence. When I left my full time job to start gtrot, I was really terrified and always having this mentality of, well, you can always get a job, allowed me to take that risk.

For more amazing tips, advice, stories and picks from Brittany Gorevic, listen to her full interview on HackToStart.


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